▪️I Obey Monochrome▪️

Hello Beautiful Angels💋

The title “I Obey Monochrome”recollects all the moving definition going on our head. And this time I’ve summed up featuring with Monochrome outfits. ▪️As you know Black can never grow old & Black can never go wrong. While teaming up with her partner the color White ▫️. I just love how they blend with each other ❤️. Well this are the outfit of the Month.🔛The simplicity of monochrome makes it a timeless classic, and once again it’s set to dominate our wardrobes this season.If you’re wondering how to wear this season’s trend then it’s all here in black and white or basically neutral.Whether it’s prints, stripes or colour blocking, working the monochrome look is so easy, there’s none of the worry of wearing colours that don’t compliment each other. Monochrome /Neutral make the perfect partnership.

.Thank you for visiting here.I would  really like to Thank You for supporting me, since I’m just a rookie with blogging and I’m trying to grow each time and try to do something new on this Site. And my Blog is simple based on a content Do what You Love”. Which gives us the independence of creating our own style, while keeping “comfort”as the key note to anything you wear.Everyday is a beautiful day & lots of chances to express ourselves through the eye of fashion.And with that I would like to requote my favorite one “Fashion can be bought,but to create fashion is within you”. I believe that fashion isn’t just about the brands or tags,I believe it is about creating your inner self.And each time we practise we keep growing. Well ☺️my Introduction went on bit next league ,  I hope everyone’s having having a good start of the New Year. Hey! Wait✋🏻.☺️ I would like to wish everyone a great year ahead & May this year be the best for everyone of you there.Lot’s of Love🙏🏻💕💕

Well moving on to the content •THE NEUTRAL DRAMA•

Looking back over a decade later, I realize there are tons of styling hacks (as well as tips, tricks, and suggestions) that I — and most likely countless others — have pulled from various fashion bloggers  we know and love: And we get ideas on things like the colors we should (and shouldn’t) wear (All thanks to the Fashion Gurus)the notion that all-black everything is, well, everything; and that dressing for yourself is the true meaning of fashion.  


A life of Minimilism is all about keeping our look clean and assorted.And it’s a great way to clear our wardrobe and sort out the needful clothes and discarding the ones we don’t need.These are the four different clothing picked with an intention of creating a monochromatic look or a minimalist look.Since the day I discovered that these black & white can never go wrong ,this has become my favorite colors ever since.Super easy, comfortable yet stylish look even on a boring day.

 So finally I came upto a conclusion sticking with the matching pair of outfit. I could tag along my leather jacket even if evening chills could  disappoint me. The inner piece of shirt could be of any style,but to keep a minimal look one can go with softer tones like beige/ash grey/or simply white,while giving a rest to the vibrant colours to be welcomed when summer Ray’s fall.



And styling with the Basic:



•So minimalist and accessories haven’t typically gone hand-in-hand, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t scores of understated shoes ,bags & the trend of wearing hat/beret.I teamed up with my Maroon Clutch and a Hat.To look less stressed out & serious☺️

Got this styling tip to stick with a neutral pallate and be more playful in certain aspects.My favourite way to achieve this look is by pairing it with this ladylike clutch to keep everything in contrast.


The thought of keeping your summer colours aside brings enough sadness. But we can ignore the recent spurge in paired-down attire.The minimalism trend that dominated the summer isn’t going anywhere any time soon.And the new season looming,it may be might to bring back your warm tones• Mustard is my favourite & the following colours are gorgeous and chic too {Royal Blue,Emerald Green, Ash Grey,Dark Brown}

 Picked up this outfit when I felt little bold.

Since it is upon us to choose our own style,and create our move using the tips & tricks. Let’s try to make anything possible,and I’m glad to share somethings here.I hope you found this post helpful. Thank you for reading it 💕

For any details and quieries do write me :@ selinaphurumboo@gmail.com


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