Unlike other days, a beautiful spring morning, instead of hopping up from my bed my eyelids opened like usual, but I rolled back over and pulled the covers over my head for awhile. Took a deep breathe and it was the moment where everything felt like a blessing. Having a big smile on my face with a feeling of contentment and appreciation. The ray that generously passed through the gentle curtain fabric, crisped snow white bed sheet, the coffee stained table, messy hair that I drowned myself every night under the pillow of fantasy.17948452_1467519163268444_1871464206_o

Hello Selina!!! You there?? I could hear a familiar voice calling out for me. I tiptoed towards the narrow hallway.  As I opened the door, my happiness knew no bound , I saw these two beautiful souls, standing with glee. A moment of surprise and a much awaited meet. Now it was the time for the merry making, as the morning that seemed unusual, had brought along these sunshine that multiplied in seconds.

A much awaited collaboration x Abigail x Issac.18049532_1467520099935017_1446420935_o



We had a motive to make our blogpost editorial-ish and to continue our aesthetic for MINIMALISM X URBAN CHIC .


So humbled to work with the amazing team;

Collaborators –  Abigail @Aglstyle, Isaac @stylewithezoo.

Video Direction/ Credits – Jonathan Burner/ Aloran

Picture credits – Joses Goerge Lama​




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